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Your invitation to build resilience,
access wisdom, and reignite your power



“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf” by Jon Kabit-Zinn.

To empower individuals seeking to:

  • Build healthy mental habits 

  • Connect with your truest Self 

  • Live the life of your deepest aspirations

  • Feel confident and courageous in your wholeness

  • Loosen your inner critic's grip and overcome inner saboteurs

  • Unlock clarity, confidence, creativity, and compassion

The goal of our work together is to become aware of and weaken your triggers. It is to access and tap into your inner knowing and empower you to navigate the human experience through its unpredictability, so that you can live a life filled with much more joy and fulfillment. 



As your Self-Empowerment coach, I hold space for you to be your most authentic self, so that you can cultivate a deeper sense of inner knowing and lead a life of trusted self-sovereignty and wholeness. 

By listening, validating, and providing resources, I’ll guide you away from the reactive survival brain and toward the creative problem solving brain. This includes mindset changes, learning problem solving skills, and accessing your innate creativity to live confidently and courageously.

When life's obstacles stack up, we tend to shut down our authentic self; access to our inner resources of calm, clarity, connection, and wisdom diminish. Here, you'll learn skills and practices that reconnect you to the wise Self within, building capacity to lead yourself through life's challenges. 

Beach Option 2.jpeg
Beach Option 2.jpeg

"Michelle has taken me on an amazing journey of connection to self, inner reflection and noticing the child self and healing. She is gentle and offers follow up reflection to the session. I highly recommend her!"

Bev, North Carolina

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