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About Me, Michelle



My Awakening

In my preteen years, a curiosity about Life – its mysteries and meaning – sparked within me.


In my mid-twenties, a spiritual teacher began to help quench my thirst, guiding me to “Know thyself”. I began to see the sacredness of Life and everything in it.

My Journey

Though the seeds of these principles were planted deep within me, getting them to take root was quite challenging. I had a deep rooted, strong self critic that fought to be the dominant lens through which I saw myself.  


As a stay at home mom, I pursued a nonacademic study of spirituality, psychology, personal healing, and development. Meanwhile, my desire to help others was growing. After earning my certification through a coaching program, the self-critic's brutal voice withheld me from pursuing my dream of coaching.


Every step forward, the critic pulled me back. It was a dance I did for years while I worked other jobs to support my family.


Thanks to my work in therapy to heal my inner child, Positive Intelligence, mindfulness, individual studies, courses, and work with my spiritual teacher, I now have the tools to diminish the power of that critic, embrace my own Essence, and help you do the same.

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My Why

Befriending myself has been a life changing shift. As the power of the inner critic diminishes, I have more self-love and access to joy, creativity, and wisdom which empowers me to confidently and courageously take the necessary risks to be authentic and live my dreams.

I have deep compassion for your personal journey. It is my honor to help you navigate life’s challenges, turn compassionately toward your inner hurt, and move forward knowing you are worthy of a loving, empowered life.


  • Holistic Coach certified through Duke Integrative Medicine

  • Power of Awareness Mindfulness Training

  • Positive Intelligence Training

  • PQ Coach™

LGBTQIA+ ally. Everyone is welcomed here.

Outside of work you may find me hiking, running, at the beach, enjoying qigong or taking every chance I get to spend time with my adult children.

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