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Be The Change Workshop 2021

This once a month for five months workshop is designed to create an alignment in you with your values of who you want to be in this world. We will engage our co-creative Self through intentionally:

  • Building a stronger tangible connection to our Divine Essence within and without.

  • Anchoring into 3-5 Core Life Vibrations (Vibrations that do no harm, ex. Objectivity, Goodwill, Worth) that we choose to embody through thought, word and deed.

  • Embracing the commitment to being the change by opening completely to Self Love, releasing what no longer resonates while balancing the shadow and ego with Love.


The intentions underlying this workshop:

  • The expansion of the Creative Force within each of us that manifests as an amplified capacity to access and express our Unique Creative Spark.

  • A rise in consciousness level to choose Unity and the loving capacity to see, hear and acknowledge the truth in ourselves and others including honoring, valuing, accepting and recognizing ours and others own Divine Nature and worth and as well as the shadow and unhealed aspects. 

  • Every part of our being acknowledges and embraces our inherent gifts so that in every breath we take in every situation, we have the consciousness to live our highest expression.


As we set our intentions and shoot for the ideal, we stir up what is incongruent. When this part of the process happens, it is easy to be dismayed, lose faith and feel like “what is the point.” But together in this supportive environment, we will develop the muscle and skill of compassion and holding space and commitment to stay the course. 


We will use meditations, reflections, journaling, sharing, intentions, rescripting and Divine Healing to facilitate these processes. This workshop is for all five months so please keep that in mind when you commit. 


When: Sundays 11am - 2pm. Jan. 24, Feb. 21, March 21, April 25, May 23, 2021

Where: Zoom

Cost: $55 each workshop

For more info or Register:  click here ; 513-638-0733; or email

Payment: Square, Venmo, PayPal, Google pay, check, cash

Stay Informed

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Michelle is an excellent Divine Healing clinician. I have had the privilege to be a client of hers for the past year and and half and she has taken me on an amazing journey of connection to self, inner reflection and noticing the child self and healing. She is gentle and offers follow up reflection to the session. I highly recommend her! 

Bev, North Carolina

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